Privacy Policy

HIT Investments Privacy Policy.  HIT Investments records contain private personal information about each subscriber.  The Partnership and the General Partner will obtain additional information about the Subscriber (such as capital account balances and amounts and dates of additional capital contributions and withdrawals) as a result of the investment contemplated by the Subscription Application.  The Partnership and the General Partner generally do not disclose this information to third parties, other than service providers who must obtain access to that information in order to permit the Partnership and the General Partner to conduct their respective affairs (e.g., auditors, accountants, prime brokers, attorneys and other consultants).  The Partnership and the General Partner restrict access to such information internally to those personnel who need the information in order to conduct the Partnership’s and the General Partner’s respective businesses.  The Partnership and the General Partner obtain contractual assurances from third party service providers where the General Partner considers appropriate and maintain safeguards at their respective facilities to provide reasonable protection for the confidentiality of nonpublic personal information about Limited Partners.  Subscriber understands that, while the General Partner will use its best reasonable efforts to keep Subscriber’s investment in the Partnership and the information Subscriber provides the General Partner  confidential, any provision of the Subscription Application, the Partnership Agreement or the Offering Memorandum to the contrary notwithstanding, (i) there may be other circumstances in which applicable law or regulation relating to combating terrorism or money laundering may require the release of information provided in the Subscription Application to law enforcement or regulatory officials, (ii) the General Partner may present the Subscription Application and the information provided in it to such regulatory bodies or other parties as may be appropriate to establish the availability of exemptions from certain securities and similar laws or the compliance of the Partnership or the General Partner with applicable laws and (iii) the General Partner may disclose the Subscription Application, the information provided in it or other information relating to Subscriber’s investment in the Partnership when required by judicial process or, to the extent permitted under applicable privacy laws, to the extent the General Partner considers that information relevant to any issue in any action, suit or proceeding to which the Partnership is a party or by which it is or may be bound.  If Subscriber has instructed the General Partner to send duplicate reports to third parties pursuant to the Subscription Application, Subscriber may revoke this instruction at any time by sending a written notice to the General Partner indicating that a previously authorized third party is no longer authorized to receive Subscriber’s reports.